Natalie Busarello, Teighan Sykes and I are doing our collaborative project on cheap junk food versus expensive healthy food. Slow Food USA briefly discusses this issue in a blog titled, "The $5 Challenge Reaches the White House!" The $5 Challenge was a challenge for America to see if it was possible to put together a healthy, delicious meal for under $5 per person. After thousands of meals took place, the White House became interested and hosted two cooking events to show that healthy food can be affordable and quick to prepare. Slow Food USA states, "When federal policy is subsidizing the foods that are worst for us, and it’s easier in many communities to buy Froot Loops than it is to buy real fruit, it’s no wonder that cooking affordable meals is more challenging than it should be." They hope that once these "challenges" are adressed to the White House, we can all work together to adjust the policies that stand in America's way to make food "truly good, clean, and fair for all."  
Teighan Sykes
11/29/2011 14:08:57

Great article! This will work well with our project. I agree that many people find is easier to buy the food that is unhealthy. I also love the quote to make food "truly good, clean, and fair for all."

Amanda Dale
11/30/2011 00:07:58

Its awesome that the $5 Challenge Reaches the White House. A lot of people say healthy foods are to expensive.

11/30/2011 00:12:09

I really like your idea for your project, sounds like it will be very interesting and informative. Junk food is something just about everyone can relate to because lots of times we eat it. I can't wait to see how your project turns out and how money affects our decisions to eat healthy or unhealthy.


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