Although the goal of Collaborative Writing by Fontaine and Hunter was not to “establish that all writing is collaborative writing,” the idea established me a new opinion. At first I thought collaborative writing was considered only when more than one person was working together. I thought that a person was able write independently, with their own opinions, thoughts, ideas and information. But after reading through the chapter and digging deeper into the concept, it came to my attention that all writing IS collaborative writing.

I began asking myself questions. How did that person come up with their “own” opinion? Why does that person think that? How did that person get the information provided? It all has to come from somewhere, from someone. It can come from a book, the internet, a conversation, music, a speech, previous writings, a story and so much more. There is always going to be a person or people behind any one of those. Who wrote the book? Who posted what on the internet? Who was involved in the conversation? Who sang the song? Who made the speech? Who wrote the story?

Usually when someone thinks of the word “collaborative” they think it is to work together with another individual on a project (in this case WRITING). And that is exactly what I thought, until I realized you can “work together” with someone else’s work. It made total sense to me.

Not only does the work of others before us affect what we write, it also affects what we speak. “When we speak or write, then, we necessarily do so in response to alJ that has been spoken or written before us…”(Fontaine and Hunter). When it comes to collaborative participation in a conversation, your language use is very important. I think that “listening and responding” are most important. You need to be careful with each response that you give, so that you are collaborative and not offensive. You also need to show respect and listen carefully to the other person.

When assigned to work with another person to write a research paper, collaborative writing can either be a good thing or a bad thing. If you are working with someone who is on the same intelligence level as you and has the same interests, collaborative writing can be fun and easy. But, if you are working with someone who is complete opposite of you on all levels, collaborative writing will be difficult. I can think back to times when I enjoyed working with others on a project. I can also think back to times when I was so frustrated working with others, because either someone was not doing their part or they just didn’t care.

Collaborative - Social Constructionism

Collaborative - All work together

Cooperative - Piece by piece - Trust everyone is doing it right
Diane Seneca
11/28/2011 11:38:58

I liked this post, I also believe that much of what we think/speak/write is due to past experiences with reading and interacting with others. When I wrote notes for my blog, I also included the quote, “When we speak or write, then, we necessarily do so in response to alJ that has been spoken or written before us" - though I didn't include it in my blog. The statement resonated with me and reinforced my own beliefs on the subject.


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