Below are the tweets from my twitter that I used to create my found poem:

Still slips his number in the car door crack AFTER i said BOYFRIEND 10 times. "He's just one of those!"
- I seriously need to give candy corn a break
- Potato chip ice cream with my boo @vincenzinno
- Today I sweat more then usual at the gym.
- I just took an amazing nap, wish I could have slept longer.
- "What lies behind us & what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." Thank you @vincenzinno!
- "I walk on the wild side and I laugh in the face of danger!" #LionKing
- Still in bed, watching Tom and Jerry with @vincenzinno.
- Had a romantic dinner with @eklick717
...tuna wrap with salt and pepper chips YUM.
- Blowing up ghost peeps in the microwave with baby boy at 12am.
- "I want to be so close to you so that when I breathe in, you breathe in..." -----
- Doing my laundry in ROBO for the first time...this should be interesting.
- I wonder how many hugs a boy wearing a "Free Hugs" shirt gets...
- Modell's is filled with Phillies..."GET ME OUTTA HERE" - Enz
- @eklick717, I've been sitting in my FREEZING cold room WAITING for you to get back. Just finished my homework too. #BestFriends
- @vincenzinno, remember we went to Wawa at 11:30pm to get Ben & Jerry's? #HUBBYHUBBY

My Found Poem:

What lies within us, unconditional love
An amazing boy I need to give
A romantic dinner with many hugs

Potato chips filled in the tuna wrap
HubbyHubby Ice cream freezing cold
Boyfriend took a longer nap

Candy corn in my room, so close
Peeps are in the microwave
We been blowin up more of those

To bed we went watching the Lion King
“I laugh in the face of danger”
This should be interesting!

After reading the works of Anzaldua, I was inspired to write the following poem:

-Red, white and blue
-Freedom at our feet
-Perfect is what we are
-Mexicanos feel the heat

-Restlessness, sweat and aches
-They work hard for little pay
-Her fear turns into anger
-She won’t go another day

-Her tongue is so aggressive
-So “stubborn” it will rise
-Her struggle for identity
-Her language is the prize

In my opinion, Anzaldua wrote the way she did through her feelings of resentment, anger and the terrifying experiences she had to face. She includes spanish to make it known that her writings are based on the differences between American and Mexican cultures. In "Borderlands," she makes the point that the Mexicans work harder than they are given credit for. They are paid crap if even paid at all, considering the situation with her boss. In "How to Tame a Wild Tongue," Anzaldua makes a great point about identiy and how language is a very important part of it. Her language "is closest to her heart." Noone really knows how important language is until they are made to learn a new one.

As a writer, Anzaldua chooses to be descriptive on the harshness of how the Mexicans were treated. She also adds a lot of spanish into both pieces, which represents HER culture. Her culture, her language and her identity are what she is fighting for. I admire her strength and courage.

I enjoyed reading An Encounter, by James Joyce because it reminded me of one of my favorite movies. It reminded me of Stand by Me, an older movie that was released in 1986. A writer narrates a boyhood adventure, which he and his three friends take to find the body of a missing boy. I find the two movies to be similar because both are based on an ADVENTURE or a journey taken by a group of young boys. In An Encounter, the boys came across an old man who was very awkward and seemed to have psychological problems. I assumed that only because of the things he said and his mannerisms described by the boy. He talked about young girls in a way that made me sick, due to the fact that he is an older man. He also talked about whipping young boys if they had sweethearts and how he would love to whip them more than anything in the world. The one thing I enjoyed about the old man was how he expressed his passion to be young again. He says, “The happiest time of one’s life was undoubtedly one’s schoolboy days” (Joyce). I would love to go back to my childhood days but not permanently. Only if there were time machines; you could go back to your childhood whenever you want! I believe that the two boys and the old man are alike in terms of their PLACE. There place is their schoolboy days, childhood and their adventures. It is where they “hunger” and want so badly adventures and new experiences. They enjoy it more than anything and like the old man says, he would do anything to go back.
Paris to the Moon by Gopnik and Billy the Kid, by Ondaatje both showed an immense amount of detail. Both authors gave such thorough descriptions throughout their entire piece. 

While reading Gopnik’s piece, I kind of felt bad for him and his family. The move from country to country, New York to France was obviously a rough one. Moving from state to state was hard enough for me; I can only imagine what it would be like to move to a different country. Moving from state to state puts the stress on you of meeting new people, finding a new grocery store, new stores to shop at, finding a new job and etc. But when you move country to country, it must be ten times harder. Gopnik explains some of the difficulties that he and his family had to face. Not only did they have the stress of meeting new people, finding a new grocery store, new stores to shop at, new jobs and etc., they had the stress of learning a new language, different and new machines, and a totally different lifestyle. Moving is hard and it can all relate back to PLACE, as I explained in the previous blog post. When you leave your place, your home, your comfort zone, the place you know inside and out, how do you start over? It is not easy and in some cases not possible.

While reading Ondaatje’s piece, I honestly had no idea what to think. I had no idea where it was going or what the purpose of it was. It came across to me as weird, awkward and questionable. The only thing I could relate to was the fact that the house was always full of people and animals. My house consists of me, my mom, my dad, my two sisters, and my brother. There are two dogs and we ALWAYS have visitors. Sallie Chisum seemed to be the main topic of the piece, yet I did not understand why it is called Billy the Kid??
This past weekend Enzo (my boyfriend) and I left Rowan to visit my family at home. I made sure to read two of the four readings for this class before I left, so that I would not have a big work load on Sunday (the day before our blogs on the readings were due). It is a good thing I read the ones I did because Narrative Life, by Pagnucci and Native Hill, by Berry both had to do with PLACE. After reading what each author had to say, I could correlate between the two that place is the central idea or theme. When I think of “Place,” I do not just think of somewhere to go. I think of a home or a person’s place in the world. His or her place is where he or she feels most comfortable, safe, happy and loved. 

In Pagnucci’s case, his place isn’t in a physical setting but is more of a mental place. It is filled with memories and childhood stories, in which he uses to find and explain himself. As a child his place was a fantasy world of superheroes. “That was where he felt strong, safe, and the center of attention” (Pagnucci). A few of the stories he had mentioned about his childhood seemed to be depressing. I believe these to be the reason of his place ending up in comic books and in a fantasy world. Today his childhood stories are what have molded him into who he is. His place is in each story that he tells. He says, “We need to be a part of our story” (Pagnucci). Narrating his stories is what keeps him in his place and is a part of how he lives his life.

Berry on the other hand, has a physical spot in which he calls his place. His place is his hometown where he was born, also known as his HOME. This is a place based on his family heritage and history. And when he was not in his place or hometown, he acted as though the other places that he had been did not matter. He felt that they had no importance to him and he did not need to take the time to make himself a new home. Coming back to his hometown years later, he had a new understanding of it; he saw the richness in it and he could pick out the details of its life. He also seems to really enjoy the nature of his hometown. I did not fully understand where he was trying to go with what he was saying, but all in all I believe it was based on how special a place and a home can be.

ANYWAY, as soon as I pulled into my driveway it was obvious to me that HOME is my place. Being home with my family and my boyfriend gives me feelings of happiness that I can not get anywhere else. I can walk around my house in the same sweats and not shower for three days and still feel so good. My sister can yell at me for taking her clothes, but we both still know that we love each other. Looking through pictures and discussing the “Remember when’s” with my family can compare to Pagnucci's thoughts. I agree 100% that a person’s childhood memories and experiences are what mold us into who we are.

On my way back to school You and I, by Lady GaGa came on the radio. As I listened to it, PLACE came to mind. If you listen to the lyrics of the song you can figure out where her place is or was at the time. Place can also be a place of LOVE. My place at home INCLUDES my boyfriend and the love he gives me.

My thoughts on blogging? Well to be quite honest, I don't have too many. Google's definition of a blog says it is a web site to record opinions and information. I say, if you have the time of day to write out your thoughts and feelings on a topic, to go for it. I don't read blogs nor do I write them, but if you have a passion for writing then blogs are perfect.

Now that I have started blogging, I kind of like it. If only I had the time every day to sit down and write out my thoughts and feelings on topics of my choice; I would totally blog all the time. I say that because free writing is my favorite type. A blog seems to be just that.

When it comes to Twitter, I have mixed feelings. When my friends used to talk about tweeting, I thought it sounded stupid and silly. But when I was required to create a Twitter for my Introduction to Writing Arts class, tweeting was a part of my daily schedule. My professor wanted us to tweet during class and outside of class. Because I am a Facebook freak, I thought it would be a good idea to open my Twitter account every time I would open my Facebook (which was all the time). I haven’t used Twitter in a while but now that I am required to create a Twitterive, I will be tweeting all day...well I will try my best.

It's not that I think Twitter is stupid, I find it more annoying than stupid. People will tweet every single detail and every single thought about EVERYTHING. But I guess that is why people create Twitters. I like to write journal entries, maybe Twitter acts as a journal to some individuals. Maybe people have a hard time of expressing themselves in person and Twitter is a way of letting out feelings, thoughts and emotions. Twitter is like any other social networking site. If you like it then use it, if you don't then don't use it. On a positive note, it is interesting to follow movie stars on Twitter. Although, I still don't know if I believe that it is the actual movie star him or herself doing the tweeting.