Today inspired me to get deeper, add more or do something with my twitterive. The twitterives presented today were amazing. I left class with the feeling of anxiousness. I was anxious to work more on MY twitterive because I want to make it even better and go further with it. I want it to make my classmates feel the way I felt when seeing their twitterives.

Dianne- Your twitterive is VERY clear and the sarcasm adds a great twist to the story. It seems like you had a lot of fun with it, which is the best part! You put a lot of effort and great ideas into it.

Fabio- Don't be so nervous! Your twitterive is a working progress. It is an awesome story and I can't wait to see what you do with it. The popcorn picture reminded me of my family's Christmas. My mom ALWAYS get each of the children one of those tins - - they are freakin delicious! It seems like you two had an awesome relationship and I am sorry for your loss. Show your happy times, as Professor Mangini said "Show, don't tell!" I loved the quote you had at the end too (even though their were comments about moving it).

Emily- I am speechless. Your twitterive is absolutely beautiful. It is clear, strong, intriguing and inspiring. As soon as I got out of class, I had to show my best friend! Not only is your twitterive strong, but YOU are strong. To be able to stand up there and smile and be happy seems very difficult on such a topic. One of my favorites!

Shannon- I think the video as your Prologue was a great idea. Your twitterive shows a great amount of creativity. The Serenity Prayer is one of my favorites. Everything fit so nicely together. Your dance was beautiful and your piece shows how talented you are - - as said in class!

Andrea, Lia & Amanda,

I think all three of you did a great job in presenting your twitterives. When I thought everyone was going to do the same type of “place” your twitterives proved me wrong. It was cool to see the different places and the different types of genres and technology used. Of course there is more to be done, but I believe the three of you are off to a great start! 

Andrea- Your twitterive gave me the chills! It reminded me that God does create such amazing miracles. One of my favorite things that I took away from your twitterive was when you said,

“I was shown that miracles do happen. I just needed to look for the sign. Sometimes it's small and dusguised. Sometimes it doesn't make sense. And sometimes it sounds crazy like a phone call from beyond…”

Lia- I think your twitterive idea is perfect for this time of the year, HALLOWEEN. It is a different type of twitterive which shows creativity. I was a bit confused with the two stories and I think it should be a little longer. But your ideas are great and I think the finished piece will be awesome!

Amanda- I LOVED looking at your twitterive! It reminds me of me and my niece AND my nephew. I can see why you are struggling because I have been having the same problem. The video was precious and you and your niece are both beautiful! I can see the happiness and fun she brings to your life. Keep working on it, everything will fall into place.
Well, I can't say this project (Twitterive) has been easy. I thought I had the PERFECT idea until I began to put it all together. I realized that my original story didn't actually tell a story. I came up with a second story that I was almost finished until I realized it didn't connect to my tweets. I finally came up with an idea that I really liked AND told a story. My story is a bunch of stories! It is a collection of memories also known as my tweets that I have been tweeting on Twitter. I realized that each one was HAPPY and that my PLACE was in my mental state of mind, being my happiness. Most importantly, my happiness has come to me from two important people during my 2011 semester at Rowan - - my best friend Erica and my boyfriend Enzo. Below are some questions that I have for you to help me in editing my twitterive.

1. Do the colors show you a connection between what memory or tweet goes with who?

2.. Do I have too many different genres?

3. Should I make it only on Enzo being that there are more tweets on him?

4. Are the pictures at the end out of place?

5. Is the interview with my boyfriend and best friend uneccessary?

6. Should I create a little video of my past with them to give a preview of what my twitterive is about?

7. Does my twitterive show the happiness and closeness I share with my boyfriend and my best friend?

8. Should it not just take place during my first semester at school (should I show the happiness my boyfriend and best friend have given me and continue to)?

1.)    WHO are the characters in your story?
Boyfriend- Enzo – known 2 years – dating 8 months

Best friend- Erica- known 14 years

2.)    WHAT is your story? What genres are you using for your story?
My story is about my “Home Away From Home… Boyfriend Versus Best Friend” – the differences and similarities between my relationship with both of them.

Genres: Rap, recipe, compare/contrast, pictures, agenda, thank-you

3.)    WHEN does your story take place?
Over period of time OR childhood to now OR NOW?

4.)    WHERE is your place?
Physical and mental – Enzo and Erica are my place

5.)    WHY do you feel a connection/lack of connection to your place?
Close connection because I consider Enzo and Erica to be my place. My definition of PLACE is “home” where I find unconditional love, trust, happiness, acceptance and comfort.

6.)    HOW do you show your audience your connection/lack of connection to your place?
I show my connection through my different genres, my thank-you to both of them, my expression throughout my twitterive - - my twitterive in general. It is obvious to see how close I am with both of them by the things I say about them, the things we do together and everything in between.

After discussing my outline and thoughts on my twitterive with a few of my classmate, I feel good about where I am headed. I believe I am headed in the right direction with awesome ideas. I can only hope that the final product is as good as I can imagine it to be. I plan to take a day to work on each genre that I plan on using in my twitterive.
As I finally started to think about my Twitterive, ideas began to overflow in my mind. I got nervous and had no idea of where to even begin. I sat myself down about an hour ago and came up with the perfect idea or BIG picture of what my Twitterive will look like!  My Twitterive is supposed to be based on a theme or my “place” in which I am supposed to find within my tweets on Twitter. I went through my tweets and copied the ones that I found useful onto Microsoft Word. I then used Professor Mangini’s idea of color coding them. After putting them together and color coding, my theme/place was obvious. I will call it “Home Away From Home… - - Boyfriend Versus Best Friend.”

My “place” is my home. My definition of home is a place where you find unconditional love, trust, happiness, acceptance and comfort. My definition of place is FAMILY. My family is what gives me that “unconditional love, trust, happiness, acceptance and comfort.” Going through my tweets, I found myself MOSTLY tweeting about my boyfriend or my best friend. Because I am away at school, my observations and thoughts all had to do with those two people who are here with me. Home does not have to be a physical place, it can also be mental. I find home to be when I am with either my boyfriend and/or my best friend. They both give me what my family gives me. That is why I consider them to be my “Home Away From Home.” I thought it would be cool to make my Twitterive a bit of a competition or more of a comparison of the two (boyfriend & best friend). I also plan on incorporating my tweets into my piece.

The genres I plan on using are:

: I will make a separate rap for my boyfriend and best friend
-Facebook Chat: Possibility
-Recipe: I will have a separate recipe for my boyfriend and best friend
-Compare-Contrast: I will compare and contrast my boyfriend and best friend
-Interview: I will interview both my boyfriend and best friend
-Agenda: I will make an agenda (a day spent with my boyfriend and a day spent with my best friend)
-Pictures: I will use pictures of my boyfriend and best friend throughout my Twitterive
-Thank-You: I will write a Thank-You at the end to my boyfriend and best friend

I not only want to make an amazing Twitterive for a good grade, but I also want my boyfriend, Enzo and my best friend, Erica to know how much I love and appreciate them. I want to thank them for giving me a home, another place to feel love, trust, happiness, acceptance and comfort. I have plenty of tweets that I can use to show my theme. Below, I will list only ten to give you an idea. I will continue to tweet about both my boyfriend and my best friend so that I will have even more to help me in putting my Twitterive together!

1. "I want to be so close to you so that when I breathe in, you breathe in..."

2. "What lies behind us & what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." Thank you @vincenzinno! #ILoveYou

3. @eklick717, I've been sitting in my FREEZING cold room WAITING for you to get back. Just finished my homework too. #BestFriends.

4. Just climbed through the boy's apartment window with

5. Lion King 3D with @vincenzinno, @eklick717 & Victor. #ThursdayNight

6. Had a romantic dinner with @eklick717...tuna wrap with salt and pepper chips YUM.

7. @eklick717& Victor just tucked me in :) #BestFriends OH & I'm a #Vegetarian & I just eat a meatball.

8. Tibbitts and Franze family meet tonight!

9. Pumpkin Spice Latte, Slurpeeee, Candy Corn-- On my way home for the night w/ babes!

10. Sushi & Shirley Temples w/ my boo, @vincenzinno, my BF @eklick717 & everyone else! #Samurai
Today in WRT2, I lost the rematch to Jackson Stone. This competition was not only a great way of learning multigenre but it got our class to interact with each other and play different roles. I really liked that each person had a role and was able to participate.  I feel as though our class did an awesome job and did more than what was expected of us. It was very cool being able to see personalities of my classmates REALLY come out. I believe I showed a bit of my goofy side and had a lot of fun with it. 

I loved being Blackjack, the Champion! At first I was doubting myself and if I would do a good job. But I think I pulled it off pretty well. As soon as I talked with Gina, my wife (in the competition) it was easy to create our identities and our background information. The only hardship that I came across was pretending to be a male, trash talking another male. Men and women have different lingo when it comes to trash talking. And I won’t lie; I did have my boyfriend help me out. All in all, I enjoyed it and may even use this type of activity in my classroom.

Honestly, technology did not help me at all when writing my press conference statement. Unless you count the part where I posted my statement to my blog? But other than that, technology was not used. When we were assigned this activity, we were given time in class to talk with our classmates. I spoke with Jackson Stone, his trainer, and his doctor to find out any secrets that would help me in trash talking him during my statement. (His lactose intolerance really helped, haha!)
Press Conference Statement made by the Heavy Weight Champion Blackjack Lombardi:

"Everybody quiet down Blackjack’s got something to say, let me tell you what I think when I hear the name Jackson Stone, I hear LOSER you think 73 wins impresses me? He can’t win nothing. Not even his wife’s interest, everyone including my Gina knows how she wants a piece of the real deal, the lucky one, the blackjack, the big cheese, yeah me! Oh wait sorry no cheese for Jackson, might knock him out faster than I can with your lactose intolerance problem. Poor old Mr. Stone’s belly might hurt, you’re old and washed up, I know all about the pain in your wrists, carpal tunnel getting the better of you at your ripe old age, and the cuts. What kind of man made a Stone gets cut by paper? They say you got 23 knockouts, if you added up all your knockouts still can’t compare to the caliber of my cougar Gina, now she’s a knockout! Go ahead tell me she came from the streets, means nothing because so did your kid! You got nothing Jackson. You’re weak, you’re twisted, you’re girls a hoe, you’re broke, the kid ain’t yours and everyone knows! I know your feelings are hurt, but that’s okay you’ll have plenty of time to recover when you’re sitting at home watching the replays on how you got knocked out by ME. But hey feel honored, you’re about to be my 21st win. Blackjack’s 21, capisce? This time it's for realsies. Now I know you’re not from Las Vegas, or a Brooklyn that actually matters, but just as you beat up on the little kiddies in your New Hampshire suburb growing up, I’m gonna use you to clean the streets of Vegas, and trust me these streets are dirty. The WRT2 belt is all mine! "
- Disney store brings back childhood memories.
- Gym, turbo kick every week. Sweat.
- Candy corn, too much. Need break.
- Family and boo give unconditional love.
- Peeps in microwave, they blow up. 
- So close. You breathe…I breathe?
- No sleep. Broken umbrella. Bad day?
- Friend sticks nuts in nose. Picture.
- We date, they date. We family.
Below is a micro-fiction piece I wrote using a tweet from my Twitter.

He was a doctor and I was a stripper; I never understood why he was so into me. I was at the club 7 days a week trying to make a living and he was at the hospital saving lives. Boy could I feel any more intimidated. No one would have ever guessed that I would become a stripper. My parents were very wealthy and I had everything I could have ever wanted. I guess that’s why I didn’t bother applying to college after graduating high school. One day I was in the super market and I came across the strangest thing, a Twinkie holder. I thought to myself, a Twinkie holder? I could have invented so many things by now. I spent many days trying to come up with new inventions and hoping that I would somehow become rich. But that was an epic fail on my part. My parents were getting annoyed that I was 24 years old and still living at home. I figured I needed to go out and find myself a job. That’s when I came across the club. I am a pretty attractive girl, which is why I’m guessing they hired me on the spot. I have been working there for about six months now. I would say I am very good at what I do, maybe because I was on a dance team for 7 years when I was younger. Dan, the doctor I am seeing doesn’t judge me by my job but by my personality and who I am. And believe it or not, he has inspired me to do something more with my life rather than sell my body on stage. Yesterday was my last night at the club and this morning was the start of my new life. Dan has helped me get into the nursing program at the hospital. I think I am falling in love.

Below is a micro-fiction piece I wrote using a line from Pagnucci.

Today is the start of a brand new week and I can only hope that the kids in my gym class have forgotten about my incident last Friday. It’s hard being one of the youngest kids in the school. I believed my brother when he told me Middle School was fun. But I think he was just saying that. Last Friday, we were playing soccer in gym class; it was five on five. Of course everyone in my class was really good because they were all on the school soccer team. If only I had made the team, I would be just as good. I also wouldn’t have embarrassed myself, but I guess I have a pretty good excuse. I had been hit by a car when I was six, had broken my leg, and thought the injury had healed, I was never any good at sports after that. Anyway, there were 54 seconds left and the ball was headed in my direction. I figured I would try to score a goal, hoping to impress my classmates. I mean, I basically stood in the middle of the field the whole game. Everyone knew I wasn’t so good and they wouldn’t pass me the ball nor would they allow the ball to come my way. But when it did their faces dropped and they looked very nervous, and so was I. With all my force and effort, I went to kick the ball. Except I didn’t see Tim who was already coming for the ball and he was much closer. The next thing I remember is waking up in the nurse’s office with an ice pack on my head and a huge bump. Tim and I had collided and it was my fault. So like I said, I can only hope it has all been forgotten. I guess I will find out in a few minutes once I get off the bus to walk into the school.