This past weekend Enzo (my boyfriend) and I left Rowan to visit my family at home. I made sure to read two of the four readings for this class before I left, so that I would not have a big work load on Sunday (the day before our blogs on the readings were due). It is a good thing I read the ones I did because Narrative Life, by Pagnucci and Native Hill, by Berry both had to do with PLACE. After reading what each author had to say, I could correlate between the two that place is the central idea or theme. When I think of “Place,” I do not just think of somewhere to go. I think of a home or a person’s place in the world. His or her place is where he or she feels most comfortable, safe, happy and loved. 

In Pagnucci’s case, his place isn’t in a physical setting but is more of a mental place. It is filled with memories and childhood stories, in which he uses to find and explain himself. As a child his place was a fantasy world of superheroes. “That was where he felt strong, safe, and the center of attention” (Pagnucci). A few of the stories he had mentioned about his childhood seemed to be depressing. I believe these to be the reason of his place ending up in comic books and in a fantasy world. Today his childhood stories are what have molded him into who he is. His place is in each story that he tells. He says, “We need to be a part of our story” (Pagnucci). Narrating his stories is what keeps him in his place and is a part of how he lives his life.

Berry on the other hand, has a physical spot in which he calls his place. His place is his hometown where he was born, also known as his HOME. This is a place based on his family heritage and history. And when he was not in his place or hometown, he acted as though the other places that he had been did not matter. He felt that they had no importance to him and he did not need to take the time to make himself a new home. Coming back to his hometown years later, he had a new understanding of it; he saw the richness in it and he could pick out the details of its life. He also seems to really enjoy the nature of his hometown. I did not fully understand where he was trying to go with what he was saying, but all in all I believe it was based on how special a place and a home can be.

ANYWAY, as soon as I pulled into my driveway it was obvious to me that HOME is my place. Being home with my family and my boyfriend gives me feelings of happiness that I can not get anywhere else. I can walk around my house in the same sweats and not shower for three days and still feel so good. My sister can yell at me for taking her clothes, but we both still know that we love each other. Looking through pictures and discussing the “Remember when’s” with my family can compare to Pagnucci's thoughts. I agree 100% that a person’s childhood memories and experiences are what mold us into who we are.

On my way back to school You and I, by Lady GaGa came on the radio. As I listened to it, PLACE came to mind. If you listen to the lyrics of the song you can figure out where her place is or was at the time. Place can also be a place of LOVE. My place at home INCLUDES my boyfriend and the love he gives me.