Food Inc. is a documentary film that most people would not want to watch. The film is extremely informative and persuasive, yet it may bring tears to your eyes along with no appetite. It provides you with many secrets about our food industry that farmers and food corporations are scared of us finding out. They are scared because if we were to find out what REALLY goes on, we would not want to purchase their produce or products. As the film takes you through the factories and the slaughter houses, you will see the animal cruelty that takes place. Some of the major topics discussed in the film are: the overproduction of corn and where it all goes, Kevin’s law and the danger of E. coli, Organic products and how fast they are growing and Monsanto and the patent seed investigation. Our food industry today is not all that safe, healthy or accurate. And Food Inc. lets us in on how we are being affected.

Possible Research:
1. Importance of corn
2. Cheap junk food - expensive fruit & veggies
3. Diabetes relation with food
4. Animal abuse
5. Fast Food
6. Organic versus Inorganic
7. Danger of E. coli
8. Average supermarket - 47,000 products
9. Obesity - diets
10. Meat
11. Vegetarian

12. What do the people behind the secrets eat