After reading the works of Anzaldua, I was inspired to write the following poem:

-Red, white and blue
-Freedom at our feet
-Perfect is what we are
-Mexicanos feel the heat

-Restlessness, sweat and aches
-They work hard for little pay
-Her fear turns into anger
-She won’t go another day

-Her tongue is so aggressive
-So “stubborn” it will rise
-Her struggle for identity
-Her language is the prize

In my opinion, Anzaldua wrote the way she did through her feelings of resentment, anger and the terrifying experiences she had to face. She includes spanish to make it known that her writings are based on the differences between American and Mexican cultures. In "Borderlands," she makes the point that the Mexicans work harder than they are given credit for. They are paid crap if even paid at all, considering the situation with her boss. In "How to Tame a Wild Tongue," Anzaldua makes a great point about identiy and how language is a very important part of it. Her language "is closest to her heart." Noone really knows how important language is until they are made to learn a new one.

As a writer, Anzaldua chooses to be descriptive on the harshness of how the Mexicans were treated. She also adds a lot of spanish into both pieces, which represents HER culture. Her culture, her language and her identity are what she is fighting for. I admire her strength and courage.