Press Conference Statement made by the Heavy Weight Champion Blackjack Lombardi:

"Everybody quiet down Blackjack’s got something to say, let me tell you what I think when I hear the name Jackson Stone, I hear LOSER you think 73 wins impresses me? He can’t win nothing. Not even his wife’s interest, everyone including my Gina knows how she wants a piece of the real deal, the lucky one, the blackjack, the big cheese, yeah me! Oh wait sorry no cheese for Jackson, might knock him out faster than I can with your lactose intolerance problem. Poor old Mr. Stone’s belly might hurt, you’re old and washed up, I know all about the pain in your wrists, carpal tunnel getting the better of you at your ripe old age, and the cuts. What kind of man made a Stone gets cut by paper? They say you got 23 knockouts, if you added up all your knockouts still can’t compare to the caliber of my cougar Gina, now she’s a knockout! Go ahead tell me she came from the streets, means nothing because so did your kid! You got nothing Jackson. You’re weak, you’re twisted, you’re girls a hoe, you’re broke, the kid ain’t yours and everyone knows! I know your feelings are hurt, but that’s okay you’ll have plenty of time to recover when you’re sitting at home watching the replays on how you got knocked out by ME. But hey feel honored, you’re about to be my 21st win. Blackjack’s 21, capisce? This time it's for realsies. Now I know you’re not from Las Vegas, or a Brooklyn that actually matters, but just as you beat up on the little kiddies in your New Hampshire suburb growing up, I’m gonna use you to clean the streets of Vegas, and trust me these streets are dirty. The WRT2 belt is all mine! "