I enjoyed reading An Encounter, by James Joyce because it reminded me of one of my favorite movies. It reminded me of Stand by Me, an older movie that was released in 1986. A writer narrates a boyhood adventure, which he and his three friends take to find the body of a missing boy. I find the two movies to be similar because both are based on an ADVENTURE or a journey taken by a group of young boys. In An Encounter, the boys came across an old man who was very awkward and seemed to have psychological problems. I assumed that only because of the things he said and his mannerisms described by the boy. He talked about young girls in a way that made me sick, due to the fact that he is an older man. He also talked about whipping young boys if they had sweethearts and how he would love to whip them more than anything in the world. The one thing I enjoyed about the old man was how he expressed his passion to be young again. He says, “The happiest time of one’s life was undoubtedly one’s schoolboy days” (Joyce). I would love to go back to my childhood days but not permanently. Only if there were time machines; you could go back to your childhood whenever you want! I believe that the two boys and the old man are alike in terms of their PLACE. There place is their schoolboy days, childhood and their adventures. It is where they “hunger” and want so badly adventures and new experiences. They enjoy it more than anything and like the old man says, he would do anything to go back.