Below is a micro-fiction piece I wrote using a line from Pagnucci.

Today is the start of a brand new week and I can only hope that the kids in my gym class have forgotten about my incident last Friday. It’s hard being one of the youngest kids in the school. I believed my brother when he told me Middle School was fun. But I think he was just saying that. Last Friday, we were playing soccer in gym class; it was five on five. Of course everyone in my class was really good because they were all on the school soccer team. If only I had made the team, I would be just as good. I also wouldn’t have embarrassed myself, but I guess I have a pretty good excuse. I had been hit by a car when I was six, had broken my leg, and thought the injury had healed, I was never any good at sports after that. Anyway, there were 54 seconds left and the ball was headed in my direction. I figured I would try to score a goal, hoping to impress my classmates. I mean, I basically stood in the middle of the field the whole game. Everyone knew I wasn’t so good and they wouldn’t pass me the ball nor would they allow the ball to come my way. But when it did their faces dropped and they looked very nervous, and so was I. With all my force and effort, I went to kick the ball. Except I didn’t see Tim who was already coming for the ball and he was much closer. The next thing I remember is waking up in the nurse’s office with an ice pack on my head and a huge bump. Tim and I had collided and it was my fault. So like I said, I can only hope it has all been forgotten. I guess I will find out in a few minutes once I get off the bus to walk into the school.