After reading, “Situating Narrative Inquiry” I have a better understanding of qualitative and quantitative research. My understanding of narrative inquiry is pretty forward and simple. It is basically the study of a narrative. It is researching someone’s story and/or experience. Narrative Inquiry goes along with qualitative research. It is an approach in which the researcher makes interpretations, assumptions and tries to make sense of the story itself. When it comes to quantitative research there is a big difference. Quantitative research involves numbers, formulas, correlations, and consistency. This is so that the results are more valid and reliable. It helps in making “justifiable claims” and “proving facts.”

In my opinion qualitative research is more exciting and brings an individual’s ideas into place. It makes you think more in dept and keeps you on your feet. As for quantitative research, it is more straight forward and gives you an exact answer or result rather than an assumption or interpretation. But they are both equally important when dealing with narrative inquiry.

Qualitative: What kind - Context Specific - Subjective - Acknowledge the researcher's impact on the data - Transparent - Feminist, Critical ( Separate mind from body - emotion)  - Social Constructionism  (No knowledge to be found, we construct our knowledge) Interact with the world, construct meaning - Narrative

Quantitative: How many - Generalization - Science - Objective - Remove researcher from research/eliminate bias/don't want to impact the data themselves - Systematic Approach to Knowledge - Rational - Numerical - Plots, Charts, Graphs - Numerical - Plots, Charts, Graphs