As I finally started to think about my Twitterive, ideas began to overflow in my mind. I got nervous and had no idea of where to even begin. I sat myself down about an hour ago and came up with the perfect idea or BIG picture of what my Twitterive will look like!  My Twitterive is supposed to be based on a theme or my “place” in which I am supposed to find within my tweets on Twitter. I went through my tweets and copied the ones that I found useful onto Microsoft Word. I then used Professor Mangini’s idea of color coding them. After putting them together and color coding, my theme/place was obvious. I will call it “Home Away From Home… - - Boyfriend Versus Best Friend.”

My “place” is my home. My definition of home is a place where you find unconditional love, trust, happiness, acceptance and comfort. My definition of place is FAMILY. My family is what gives me that “unconditional love, trust, happiness, acceptance and comfort.” Going through my tweets, I found myself MOSTLY tweeting about my boyfriend or my best friend. Because I am away at school, my observations and thoughts all had to do with those two people who are here with me. Home does not have to be a physical place, it can also be mental. I find home to be when I am with either my boyfriend and/or my best friend. They both give me what my family gives me. That is why I consider them to be my “Home Away From Home.” I thought it would be cool to make my Twitterive a bit of a competition or more of a comparison of the two (boyfriend & best friend). I also plan on incorporating my tweets into my piece.

The genres I plan on using are:

: I will make a separate rap for my boyfriend and best friend
-Facebook Chat: Possibility
-Recipe: I will have a separate recipe for my boyfriend and best friend
-Compare-Contrast: I will compare and contrast my boyfriend and best friend
-Interview: I will interview both my boyfriend and best friend
-Agenda: I will make an agenda (a day spent with my boyfriend and a day spent with my best friend)
-Pictures: I will use pictures of my boyfriend and best friend throughout my Twitterive
-Thank-You: I will write a Thank-You at the end to my boyfriend and best friend

I not only want to make an amazing Twitterive for a good grade, but I also want my boyfriend, Enzo and my best friend, Erica to know how much I love and appreciate them. I want to thank them for giving me a home, another place to feel love, trust, happiness, acceptance and comfort. I have plenty of tweets that I can use to show my theme. Below, I will list only ten to give you an idea. I will continue to tweet about both my boyfriend and my best friend so that I will have even more to help me in putting my Twitterive together!

1. "I want to be so close to you so that when I breathe in, you breathe in..."

2. "What lies behind us & what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." Thank you @vincenzinno! #ILoveYou

3. @eklick717, I've been sitting in my FREEZING cold room WAITING for you to get back. Just finished my homework too. #BestFriends.

4. Just climbed through the boy's apartment window with

5. Lion King 3D with @vincenzinno, @eklick717 & Victor. #ThursdayNight

6. Had a romantic dinner with @eklick717...tuna wrap with salt and pepper chips YUM.

7. @eklick717& Victor just tucked me in :) #BestFriends OH & I'm a #Vegetarian & I just eat a meatball.

8. Tibbitts and Franze family meet tonight!

9. Pumpkin Spice Latte, Slurpeeee, Candy Corn-- On my way home for the night w/ babes!

10. Sushi & Shirley Temples w/ my boo, @vincenzinno, my BF @eklick717 & everyone else! #Samurai