Today in WRT2, I lost the rematch to Jackson Stone. This competition was not only a great way of learning multigenre but it got our class to interact with each other and play different roles. I really liked that each person had a role and was able to participate.  I feel as though our class did an awesome job and did more than what was expected of us. It was very cool being able to see personalities of my classmates REALLY come out. I believe I showed a bit of my goofy side and had a lot of fun with it. 

I loved being Blackjack, the Champion! At first I was doubting myself and if I would do a good job. But I think I pulled it off pretty well. As soon as I talked with Gina, my wife (in the competition) it was easy to create our identities and our background information. The only hardship that I came across was pretending to be a male, trash talking another male. Men and women have different lingo when it comes to trash talking. And I won’t lie; I did have my boyfriend help me out. All in all, I enjoyed it and may even use this type of activity in my classroom.

Honestly, technology did not help me at all when writing my press conference statement. Unless you count the part where I posted my statement to my blog? But other than that, technology was not used. When we were assigned this activity, we were given time in class to talk with our classmates. I spoke with Jackson Stone, his trainer, and his doctor to find out any secrets that would help me in trash talking him during my statement. (His lactose intolerance really helped, haha!)