Andrea, Lia & Amanda,

I think all three of you did a great job in presenting your twitterives. When I thought everyone was going to do the same type of “place” your twitterives proved me wrong. It was cool to see the different places and the different types of genres and technology used. Of course there is more to be done, but I believe the three of you are off to a great start! 

Andrea- Your twitterive gave me the chills! It reminded me that God does create such amazing miracles. One of my favorite things that I took away from your twitterive was when you said,

“I was shown that miracles do happen. I just needed to look for the sign. Sometimes it's small and dusguised. Sometimes it doesn't make sense. And sometimes it sounds crazy like a phone call from beyond…”

Lia- I think your twitterive idea is perfect for this time of the year, HALLOWEEN. It is a different type of twitterive which shows creativity. I was a bit confused with the two stories and I think it should be a little longer. But your ideas are great and I think the finished piece will be awesome!

Amanda- I LOVED looking at your twitterive! It reminds me of me and my niece AND my nephew. I can see why you are struggling because I have been having the same problem. The video was precious and you and your niece are both beautiful! I can see the happiness and fun she brings to your life. Keep working on it, everything will fall into place.
10/26/2011 09:31:37

I appreciate how you made this post a series of personal notes to each presenter. I think this is a thoughtful and useful way to start a conversation with the presenters. I wonder if they will respond to your comments???

Amanda Dale
11/1/2011 16:59:10

Thank you! I was struggling but I think the workshop really helped me focus in on my topic. I'm glad it reminded you of your niece and nephew I really want people to be able to relate to my twitterive.


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