Well, I can't say this project (Twitterive) has been easy. I thought I had the PERFECT idea until I began to put it all together. I realized that my original story didn't actually tell a story. I came up with a second story that I was almost finished until I realized it didn't connect to my tweets. I finally came up with an idea that I really liked AND told a story. My story is a bunch of stories! It is a collection of memories also known as my tweets that I have been tweeting on Twitter. I realized that each one was HAPPY and that my PLACE was in my mental state of mind, being my happiness. Most importantly, my happiness has come to me from two important people during my 2011 semester at Rowan - - my best friend Erica and my boyfriend Enzo. Below are some questions that I have for you to help me in editing my twitterive.

1. Do the colors show you a connection between what memory or tweet goes with who?

2.. Do I have too many different genres?

3. Should I make it only on Enzo being that there are more tweets on him?

4. Are the pictures at the end out of place?

5. Is the interview with my boyfriend and best friend uneccessary?

6. Should I create a little video of my past with them to give a preview of what my twitterive is about?

7. Does my twitterive show the happiness and closeness I share with my boyfriend and my best friend?

8. Should it not just take place during my first semester at school (should I show the happiness my boyfriend and best friend have given me and continue to)?

12/2/2011 13:47:36

I loveee your twitterive piece! It’s so cute and fun. You did a great job sharing your memories using so many different genres. I also really liked your recipe for the best day ever and your interviews with both your boyfriend and best friend. Your pictures are also really funny especially the ones of the peeps, it might be fun if you added video's of you, Erica and Enzo doing silly things together. Can't wait to see your final piece!


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