Below are the tweets from my twitter that I used to create my found poem:

Still slips his number in the car door crack AFTER i said BOYFRIEND 10 times. "He's just one of those!"
- I seriously need to give candy corn a break
- Potato chip ice cream with my boo @vincenzinno
- Today I sweat more then usual at the gym.
- I just took an amazing nap, wish I could have slept longer.
- "What lies behind us & what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." Thank you @vincenzinno!
- "I walk on the wild side and I laugh in the face of danger!" #LionKing
- Still in bed, watching Tom and Jerry with @vincenzinno.
- Had a romantic dinner with @eklick717
...tuna wrap with salt and pepper chips YUM.
- Blowing up ghost peeps in the microwave with baby boy at 12am.
- "I want to be so close to you so that when I breathe in, you breathe in..." -----
- Doing my laundry in ROBO for the first time...this should be interesting.
- I wonder how many hugs a boy wearing a "Free Hugs" shirt gets...
- Modell's is filled with Phillies..."GET ME OUTTA HERE" - Enz
- @eklick717, I've been sitting in my FREEZING cold room WAITING for you to get back. Just finished my homework too. #BestFriends
- @vincenzinno, remember we went to Wawa at 11:30pm to get Ben & Jerry's? #HUBBYHUBBY

My Found Poem:

What lies within us, unconditional love
An amazing boy I need to give
A romantic dinner with many hugs

Potato chips filled in the tuna wrap
HubbyHubby Ice cream freezing cold
Boyfriend took a longer nap

Candy corn in my room, so close
Peeps are in the microwave
We been blowin up more of those

To bed we went watching the Lion King
“I laugh in the face of danger”
This should be interesting!

9/28/2011 01:20:52

I loved your found poem! I feel like you took a different spin on a love poem because it started out more serious and turned into something more playful and fun. That makes it stand out from the more traditional, more "mushy-gushy" love poems, which of course is a good thing!

Alison Resnick
9/28/2011 01:22:02

I enjoyed how you were able to get a rhyme going with yours. It helps it flow really nice! I get this feeling of a deep true love with your boyfriend and it gives the poem a romantic feel without being too cheesy! Also I thought it was great how you put in the little inside jokes and things you do between you guys in here. The bit about Lion King at the end also was nice, let's you reminisce about childhood.

9/28/2011 11:39:01

Oh my goodness Amanda this poem is so cute. I love the way you arranged your tweets! The tweets were all so different but the way you put them together they worked so well.


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