Today inspired me to get deeper, add more or do something with my twitterive. The twitterives presented today were amazing. I left class with the feeling of anxiousness. I was anxious to work more on MY twitterive because I want to make it even better and go further with it. I want it to make my classmates feel the way I felt when seeing their twitterives.

Dianne- Your twitterive is VERY clear and the sarcasm adds a great twist to the story. It seems like you had a lot of fun with it, which is the best part! You put a lot of effort and great ideas into it.

Fabio- Don't be so nervous! Your twitterive is a working progress. It is an awesome story and I can't wait to see what you do with it. The popcorn picture reminded me of my family's Christmas. My mom ALWAYS get each of the children one of those tins - - they are freakin delicious! It seems like you two had an awesome relationship and I am sorry for your loss. Show your happy times, as Professor Mangini said "Show, don't tell!" I loved the quote you had at the end too (even though their were comments about moving it).

Emily- I am speechless. Your twitterive is absolutely beautiful. It is clear, strong, intriguing and inspiring. As soon as I got out of class, I had to show my best friend! Not only is your twitterive strong, but YOU are strong. To be able to stand up there and smile and be happy seems very difficult on such a topic. One of my favorites!

Shannon- I think the video as your Prologue was a great idea. Your twitterive shows a great amount of creativity. The Serenity Prayer is one of my favorites. Everything fit so nicely together. Your dance was beautiful and your piece shows how talented you are - - as said in class!

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