WELL- -  I still have not presented my twitterive, therefore I can not reflect on my own. But I can respond to the twitterives presented today! Everyone is doing such an awesome job.

Abby- I thought the Tosh Warning was really funny even though he gets on my nerves sometimes. You were very creative and had GREAT use of genre! The layout really expressed your writing process. I can definitely relate to you and seeing some of those definitions stressed me out just thinking about them. I think you ended it just right, the "Recursive" over and over again summed it up nicely.

Sandra- VIDEO=PERFECT. Do not change anything about it. I loved how some of the pictures went along with the lyrics to the song.  The journal entries you had from when you were little were adorable and reminded me of mine. I can also understand how strong you might feel about leaving your home because I had to move a few times myself!

Alison- Your twitterive seemed to show your personality which is great. I can really relate to some of the things you mentioned about yourself, such as shutting people out. One thing that confused me was all the space inbetween?! Connecting the tweets made by Andrew Dost was cool and of course funny. You and your mom remind me of me and my mom and the bond we share. Play your music loud and SMILE!!!!

Eileen- Your twitterive really showed your passion for running! I LOVED how you started it off with your "First Date." I wish I enjoyed running as much as you do. Comparing running to medicine shows how important it is to you! Keep up the good work. :)

Eileen O'Mara
11/17/2011 11:02:12

Thanks Amanda, I really liked your project too!


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