I wanted to be creative with this blog about the reading, “What is Oral History” because I enjoyed reading it. But due to a LONG weekend, I was unable to do what I had planned. I had planned to set up a small interview with my mom about her “history.” To get a better understanding of what oral history is all about; I searched online for some YouTube videos. I came across one that made me realize how important oral history really is. Unfortunately, I can no longer find the video. It was an interview between a boy and his grandfather. He mentioned in the video that recording facts, experiences and memories of an individual’s past is of great significance. It is important to do so before we lose that person. A person’s past can tell SO much and there is so much that we take for granted.

“What is Oral History” can also relate to my Twitterive. My Twitterive is a collection of memories. Each memory tells a story and because those stories are recorded, they will forever be remembered and not just fade away. If I were to die, people could look back and learn the fun and happy experiences that I had. Now I’m not saying Oral History is a collection of memories, but it is definitely comparable. Interviews of important people and important events are of great value to the further generations of those people and events. They give us a better understanding and so much more detail.
Andrea Mallon
11/14/2011 03:14:56

I love the idea that you were going to interview your mom, I wish you would have had time to do so. Good correlation to your twitterive. Your are creating a collection of stories that are being told, and will be told maybe to future generations

12/15/2015 18:43:47

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