1.)    WHO are the characters in your story?
Boyfriend- Enzo – known 2 years – dating 8 months

Best friend- Erica- known 14 years

2.)    WHAT is your story? What genres are you using for your story?
My story is about my “Home Away From Home… Boyfriend Versus Best Friend” – the differences and similarities between my relationship with both of them.

Genres: Rap, recipe, compare/contrast, pictures, agenda, thank-you

3.)    WHEN does your story take place?
Over period of time OR childhood to now OR NOW?

4.)    WHERE is your place?
Physical and mental – Enzo and Erica are my place

5.)    WHY do you feel a connection/lack of connection to your place?
Close connection because I consider Enzo and Erica to be my place. My definition of PLACE is “home” where I find unconditional love, trust, happiness, acceptance and comfort.

6.)    HOW do you show your audience your connection/lack of connection to your place?
I show my connection through my different genres, my thank-you to both of them, my expression throughout my twitterive - - my twitterive in general. It is obvious to see how close I am with both of them by the things I say about them, the things we do together and everything in between.

After discussing my outline and thoughts on my twitterive with a few of my classmate, I feel good about where I am headed. I believe I am headed in the right direction with awesome ideas. I can only hope that the final product is as good as I can imagine it to be. I plan to take a day to work on each genre that I plan on using in my twitterive.

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