I feel as though I did not get very creative with the technology in my twitterive as other students did. I think the students who used a lot of technology did a fabulous job. I wanted to keep mine more simple. The Weebly web site itself is a new technology for me - - although it was not hard for me to comprehend and use.

Being that I was not in class this past Monday, I did not get a chance to see some of the Twitterive presentations. I decided to look at Natalie's Twitterive on my own time and give my opinion.

Natalie- After listening to you explain your place/story to me - - the outcome of your twitterive looks GREAT! I think the layout is beautiful. When I look at it, I see MATURITY. Maturity goes along nicely with your story because it shows how the memories that your "window seat" held started from childhood and continue to grow as YOU grow - - as you mature.

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