When it comes to Twitter, I have mixed feelings. When my friends used to talk about tweeting, I thought it sounded stupid and silly. But when I was required to create a Twitter for my Introduction to Writing Arts class, tweeting was a part of my daily schedule. My professor wanted us to tweet during class and outside of class. Because I am a Facebook freak, I thought it would be a good idea to open my Twitter account every time I would open my Facebook (which was all the time). I haven’t used Twitter in a while but now that I am required to create a Twitterive, I will be tweeting all day...well I will try my best.

It's not that I think Twitter is stupid, I find it more annoying than stupid. People will tweet every single detail and every single thought about EVERYTHING. But I guess that is why people create Twitters. I like to write journal entries, maybe Twitter acts as a journal to some individuals. Maybe people have a hard time of expressing themselves in person and Twitter is a way of letting out feelings, thoughts and emotions. Twitter is like any other social networking site. If you like it then use it, if you don't then don't use it. On a positive note, it is interesting to follow movie stars on Twitter. Although, I still don't know if I believe that it is the actual movie star him or herself doing the tweeting.

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